WOMEN'S HEALTH through Ayurveda // 27. nóv

WOMEN'S HEALTH through Ayurveda // 27. nóv

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Women's Health Through Ayurveda with Saraswati Om. 
27. nov - 18. des // mondays from 19.00-21.00

Short description:
Women's Health through the lens of Ayurveda. Learn about the natural rhythms of the female body in accordance to the lunar cycles and our relationship to our environment. Learn simple daily practices "sadhanas" and cultivate a balanced and simple approach to life. In return receive greater access to more health, joy ,vitality and creativity.

In this course we will cover the following topics
- Introduction To Shakti
- Shakti Mantras
- Daily Cleansing Sadhanas For Women
- The Lunar Cycle
- Sadhanas for Nourishing the Womb
- Ritual for Healing From WombTrauma
- Healing Teas

For who is this course:
This course is designed for women at any stage of life who are wanting to experience better health and vitality, are curious about Ayurveda, and their reproductive health or natural rhythms. 
This course can be beneficial for one experiencing discomfort or irregular periods , past womb trauma  (including sexual trauma, miscarriages, birth trauma, and or reproductive cancers or disease and surgery).This course is not meant to treat, diagnose or to replace traditional medical or psychological care by your physician.

About the teacher:

Saraswati Om  has been studying Yoga, Ayurveda & teaching for over twenty years. She has dedicated her life to the Yogic Sciences specialising in Hatha, Raja ,Ayurveda and Nada Yoga “ Yoga of Sound”

Saraswati teaches us how to remember and apply the wisdom that is within us to bring more joy and light to our lives as a modern day householder. 

She teaches from personal experience and classes are often sprinkled with personal stories along with the ancient wisdom teachings of the past.

Price: early bird price 27.900 until 13th of November // full price: 32.900. Included is free access to all open classes in Móar studio. 

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