Sound Journey with Saraswati Om // 15.ágúst

Sound Journey with Saraswati Om // 15.ágúst

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Join Saraswati with the sacred instruments on a journey through sound and healing.
Allow the sounds of the crystal alchemy bowls, crystal lyre , and chimes to guide you into a state of relaxation, while you lie comfortably in savasana/relaxation pose. As these sacred tones vibrate around and through your body, the intellectual, analytical mind becomes quiet and space opens for profound healing on a cellular level.

Please take note of the following guidelines to help facilitate your experience and to make this offering a success.

Preparing for the Sound Journey:
* Please arrive 10 minutes prior to start of the event, this will allow you to get settled and comfortable in your space before we begin
* No late entries once the Sound Journey begins
* Drink plenty of water before and after the Journey
* Sound transforms on a cellular level and being well hydrated assists the process.
* Drugs and alcohol are not recommended prior or after a sound journey.
* You may choose to journal your experiences or dreams the night of the sound journey

Saraswati Om is originally from Central New York where she opened the first Yoga Wellness & Sound Center in her region. She held the space successfully for 17 years where she trained yoga teachers as well as sound and ceremony practitioners from all over the world. Working alongside living Yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra she is a Senior Dharma Teacher with over 1000 hrs of training and study of the complete Vedic Sciences including Ayurveda and Nada Yoga. Now residing in Iceland she is offering her life’s dedication at the beautiful Móar Studio.

When: MONDAY 15th OF AUGUST AT 20.00-21.15

Price: 4900

Limited spots available
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