MASALA MAKING with Saraswati // 3. okt

MASALA MAKING with Saraswati // 3. okt

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Masala Making With Saraswati
Tuesday 3rd of October from 19-21 
Price: 6900 (You will leave with your very own Masala)

Masala is an Ayurvedic Spice mixture used to create balance within our bodies and the changing seasons. It is often referred to as " The Spice of Life" Masala is a delicious blend of seasoning you can add to your food and your cacao to bring the body into a state of health and balance.

In this event you will learn:
- Sadhana of the Seed
- Meditation in motion 
- How to awaken seeds
- Seasonal masala making
- Seasonal health wisdom of Ayurveda
- Learn the medicinal benefits of the seeds & spices

For who is this event:
This course is for anyone who wants to foster a connection with food as medicine. For the individual interested in seasonal practices and Ayurveda. Those new to Ayurveda or practitioners and a like. 

About the teacher:

Saraswati Om  has been studying Yoga, Ayurveda & teaching for over twenty years. She has dedicated her life to the Yogic Sciences specialising in Hatha, Raja, Ayurveda and Nada Yoga “ Yoga of Sound”

Saraswati teaches us how to remember and apply the wisdom that is within us to bring more joy and light to our lives as a modern day householder. 

She teaches from personal experience and classes are often sprinkled with personal stories along with the ancient wisdom teachings of the past.