Energy Therapy Teacher Training with ALANA // 8 & 15 September

Energy Therapy Teacher Training with ALANA // 8 & 15 September

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Energy Therapy Teacher Training

8 & 15 September, 1500 to 1800

55,000isk (we offer to split payment - moar@moarstudio.is9

The ancient tradition of Pranic (energy) treatment promotes healing at the deepest level.

During this training you will gain:

  • Skills in analysing and revitalizing the energy system, including developing your method of reading, controlling and channelling prana (energy).
  • How to move Prana (with breath and mental swara ‘awareness’).
  • An understanding of how to heal your energy system, and the energy system of others (Chakra balancing).
  • A detailed understanding of the energy system as mapped by India’s medicinal system, Ayurveda (Ayur=Life / Veda=Science) including the Koshas (Sheaths), and Chakras (Wheels).
  • Techniques for keeping clean energetic space within yourself and your healing practice.
  • Skills in listening to and trusting what you’re feeling and experiencing from your subtle body.
  • The art of working consciously, listening and observing with all of your senses and abilities.
  • Strength in speaking honestly, directly and with heart. As well as knowledge about personal responsibility and having strong and loving boundaries.
  • Techniques in keeping yourself grounded and on track while sessions are in progress.
  • Techniques in feeling/seeing negative emotions and energy while working with a client. What to do when finding negative energy.
  • How to work with past lives and generational trauma.
  • Skills in working on the energy body of clients in person and at a distance.
  • Techniques to integrate your unique background and knowledge in post treatment discussions with your client, so that they can keep their energy flowing through ongoing lifestyle practices: movement, diet, thought patterns, breathing exercises, and spiritual practice.

Who is this Training For?

This event is open as a Teacher Training for those who have a background in working with energy (reiki, shamanic healing, yoga etc).

It is also open as general workshop, for anyone interested in gaining an understanding of working with and healing their own energy system.

Benefits of Energy Treatments:

  • Empowers and supports us to understand and harmonize our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.
  • Relaxes and restores balance if we are feeling overwhelmed or disconnected.
  • Assists us to work through or release negative energy, thoughts, or habits that may be impacting our wellbeing.
  • Brings feelings of peace, centeredness and an ability to cope better with the challenges of life.

About the Teacher
Alana specialises in practice and research of arts and wellbeing with traditional and Indigenous masters. She has over 20 years’ experience in Yoga, Ayurveda and mindfulness-based therapies. Including several years living and practicing Kalarippayat and Ayurveda healing in India: extended time in the field with Elders from the Hesquiaht First Nation (Canada), and Ngarrandjeri Nation (Australia): and Shamanic training in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador.


Alana is passionate about passing on the philosophies and practices that her teachers share with her. She is an advocate for a holistic approach to life and health and is involved in a number of community health and arts projects.